Hello! My name is Melanie. Most people call me Mel.
I live in Singapore and work as a digital marketing specialist. I also work together with NGOs dotted around the world on their digital communication efforts.

Specialising in performance marketing, I’ve experience in search engine optimisation, content strategy, and email marketing as well. I’ve also facilitated a few digital marketing workshops.

About the project

Breathing life into a social cause is an amazing feat. With care and nourishment, engagement with both communities and beneficiaries helps it to flourish.

This project investigates the question: How can an organisation’s outreach efforts be strengthened and sustained for maximum, meaningful impact?

A shift beyond traditional methods is needed to keep narratives of social change heard in today’s attention-sparse society. However, a lack of resources often gets in the way of revitalizing communication and outreach efforts.

That’s where this co-creation project comes in.
Together, let’s brainstorm how to communicate your social cause in a more effective and authentic manner in the digital space.

Got a project or concern in mind? Learn how we can work together here.

A semi nomad (sometimes)

On a mission to shine the light on meaningful truths, I try to make my travels about meaningful interactions, wonderful world wide collaborations, and a whole lot of humour! While based in Singapore, I’m open to working with you in person, remotely, or where your organisation is based at.

Feel free to reach out, and we’ll figure something out!