The Picha Project / 2018-2019

I worked with The Picha Project to explore how their social enterprise efforts could be better supported. Focusing primarily on the Picha Project website, a key component of their digital ecosystem, we planned a strategy to:

  1. Attain greater digital presence for the site
  2. Better utilize the website to educate users and provide them with value

We worked on increasing the volume of organic traffic to the site through search engine optimization. Based on an analysis of user on-site behavior, we also reorganized the site and edited its key pages to create a better website experience for users, meet their expectations upon entering the site, and provide them with value. Value here comes in the form of getting delicious catered food, while supporting refugees in Kuala Lumpur to live sustainably
at the same time!

Project Outcome:

Organic site traffic has increased by 29% since our efforts in January 2019. A 66% increase in menu views was observed as well, with tweaks in the user flow to direct users towards making orders on the site.
Check out Picha Project’s updated website here.