Singapore Mental Health Film Festival / 2019

I worked with the team of the inaugural Singapore Mental Health Film Festival, a festival that aims to de-stigmatise mental illnesses through films, workshops and art, and create opportunities for discussions.

Being its inaugural edition, performance-driven digital marketing was utilized to drive greater public awareness about the festival and was optimized towards meeting ticketing goals.

Working with a minimal budget, we created an integrated marketing campaign, synergising digital paid channels with other communication channels such as e-Newsletters, organic social media, and public relations. This ensured a consistency in communication, which was important when it came to conveying the sensitivities of mental health.

We instilled a thought-provoking and personal direction throughout all our communication, prompting readers to contemplate about the nuances of mental health – something that modern society so often neglects.

Project Outcome:

We achieved 95% of our ticket sale goal through our digital awareness campaign. This translated to a 80-100% attendance rate at both film screenings and workshops. 60% and more of the film screening audience stayed on for the follow-up panel conversations about mental health illnesses, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and more.