Some things we can work on:

Digital storytelling campaign

To create awareness for an initiative or event through a synergised digital marketing campaign, utilising an array of communication tools. Ideally geared towards measurable performance metrics (e.g donations, newsletter sign-ups)

Building organic presence

Creating a search engine optimisation strategy that’s geared towards scaling the website’s organic reach on search engines, and utilising it efficiently as a key online engagement channel.

Communication systems

Building a strategic communication system that’s geared towards optimizing the efficiency of both internal / external digital communication flows.

Communication strategy

Creation of a suitable communication strategy, and matching the appropriate digital tools to them. Exploring how clearer, more impactful content can be delivered.

Get in touch here

I’m a fan of the co-creation model of engagement. Here’s an idea of the collaboration process:

#1 A (virtual) meeting to discuss your NGO’s current communication strengths and issues.
If you have a specific to-do in mind, great! Let’s discuss it.

#2 Give me time to deep dive into the NGO’s current digital communication landscape.

#3 Together, we discern key areas of improvements and goals, and how to realistically achieve them.

#4 We allocate tasks, set realistic timelines, and get moving on shaking things up together!