Anti-Racism Movement / 2018

In the summer of 2018, I worked with Anti-Racism Movement to understand public perceptions towards Lebanon’s Kafala system and identify improvements for their community engagement.

Upon an in-depth analysis of the organisation’s communication styles, we began a co-creative project to build a communication framework that was aimed at supporting both staff and volunteers in their content creation.

Project Outcome:

We created a communication guideline that clearly defined the organisation’s core personality and values. This documentation gave direction on crafting relatable and customised messages for their various audiences. This would ensure a consistent, distinct voice across all engagement channels.

Currently being further built upon by the team, I believe the branding guide is especially useful when it comes to creating awareness about sensitive issues (e.g racism & ill treatment towards domestic workers), providing easily digestible and relevant information to the public and migrant domestic workers.

 A strategic articulation of the exploitative practices of this institutionalised system and the racial discrimination faced by migrant domestic workers helps the organization to advocate for systemic changes in a more sustainable and authentic manner.

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