ASKV Amsterdam / 2018

ASKV is a charity organization in Amsterdam that offers asylum seekers, who are not able to work or study legally in Holland, educational opportunities and legal aid. One of the ways it does so is through Project Undocumented (PAO), an initiative that provides free vocational training for refugees.

Aimed at raising funds for PAO’s volunteer-led courses, we set out to explore how we could go beyond ASKV’s conventional streams of donation, and create an innovative way to engage with younger locals to empathise with the cause.

Project Outcome:

Brainstorming innovative approaches that could lower barrier to entry, the ASKV Webshop was catalyzed.

Not your average e-commerce store, online shoppers buy ‘items’, such as wooden planks or a pair of scissors, to help fund Project Undocumented (PAO) courses.

Interweaved in the micro-shop are uplifting personal stories of refugees who have benefited from the courses. Shoppers gain a better understanding of the resources needed to organise the courses, the practical value of their contributions, and an introduction to the people they are empowering to have better futures.

The ASKV webshop has since raised over €800. Efforts to raise awareness about PAO and its online shop continue on.

Check out the online shop here.