Build Palestine / 2019

BuildPalestine is a social enterprise that connects Palestine supporters over the world with nonprofits and social enterprises based in Palestine. Its online platform helps local changemakers to garner resources through crowdfunding campaigns and entrepreneurship workshops. In efforts to further strengthen these initiatives, it’s building a growing pool of supporters via a Membership Network.

To transition towards becoming a global Membership Network, there was a need to communicate the organisation’s services and offerings to supporters in a more community-centric and clearer manner. Its website content also needed to better reflect its positioning as a global network for supporters of Palestine and foster the user journey it would like users to have.

Collaborating with the team in Palestine, mockups with the necessary components were created for primary website pages, such as the home page and landing pages, to meet these aims. An on-page SEO strategy was also created to guide the creation of SEO content for the site’s revamp.

build palestine

Project Outcome:

The home page’s layout was revamped to showcase the organisation’s community-centric impact in a clear and persuasive manner by including components like impact statistics, an outline of its key service pillars, and visuals of empowered changemakers. The user flow of the home page was also restructured to encourage key user actions.

Check out BuildPalestine’s updated website here.